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Texas Health Resources – EAP – Resources for Work, Life and Wellness

Resources for Work, Life and Wellness

Between a busy home life and a busy career, things can get a little overwhelming sometimes. At times, personal challenges can even start to impact our emotional and physical health, as well as our overall productivity. But as a Texas Health Resources employee or spouse, you’ve got help at your fingertips. Please review the topics below for helpful information and to explore the benefits available to you.


    We know that balancing the demands of your work and personal life can be challenging. Life can be complicated but getting help is easy. Let THR EAP help you reach your potential and maximize your productivity.


    All THR EAP services are free and confidential. All of our EAP counselors are licensed masters' or doctoral-level mental health clinicians. 

    This program is available to all employees (including non-benefits eligible) and their eligible dependents. Also, former Texas Health employees may access EAP services for up to twelve weeks after termination, resignation or retirement. 


    You are entitled to as many free crisis consultations as you need and eight free clinical counseling sessions per issue, per calendar year. However, there may be fees associated with referrals to community providers or programs. The THR EAP counselor will make all attempts to refer you to an in-network provider so as to reduce the costs associated with copays and deductibles. 


    THR EAP provides professional support and resources aimed at helping you address personal challenges, maximize your potential, and enhance your emotional and physical well-being. THR EAP offers short-term supportive counseling, child and eldercare resources and referrals, legal and financial services, concierge services and crisis support.


    There are three ways we offer clinical support:

    1. Face to face counseling
    2. Telephonic consultation
    3. Web-video consultation

    Do you have concerns about a colleague's emotional wellbeing? Are you noticing changes in your colleague's demeanor or behavior? Has your colleague's work performance been declining?


    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be noticing the first signs of professional distress or impairment.


    Below is a list of common "warning signs" that may indicate signs of professional distress or impairment. It is important to look for patterns of behaviors, as no one symptom in isolation indicates impairment.



    Changes in appearance or demeanor

    Declining performance/more frequent errors

    Depression (lethargy, low mood)

    Erratic or disruptive behavior


    Impulsivity/unpredictable behavior

    Inability to focus or concentrate

    Irritability and anger


    Loss of pleasure

    Missing deadlines

    Mood swings

    Poor attendance/tardiness

    Poor personal hygiene

    Sleeping at work

    Slurred speech

    Substance use/abuse

    Suicidal thoughts/homicidal thoughts


    Unsteady gait


    It is important to trust your instincts. Take action by expressing your concern in a calm manner, suggesting that he/she contact the THR EAP. Your conversation should be in a private area, so as to respect your colleague's privacy.  However, you can only do so much, so know your limits and boundaries. Do not become your colleague's therapist, do not accept hostile or unprofessional behavior and do not try to fix the situation yourself. When in doubt, consult with your manager or supervisor.  


    Your choice to become involved can make a positive difference for your colleague and the organization.

    Our personalized concierge service will assist in tracking down businesses and consultants to help you plan an event, vacation or set dinner reservations. We can also find local contractors to help you manage home repairs. However, THR EAP does not cover the cost, nor guarantee delivery of the vendors' services.​

    THR EAP counselors are available for crisis consultation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Simply call 1877-MyTHRLink (1-877-698-4754), select prompt 4, then select 4 again and a THR EAP representative will connect you with crisis counselor for an assessment of your situation. If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, contact your entity's campus security and/or call 911 immediately.​

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    Financial coaches are certified in their area of expertise to deliver financial counseling designed to help restore financial balance to people’s live. Your questions and concerns may easily be resolved through a free 60-minute telephonic consultation with a financial coach, all within 1-3 business days of initiating the request for assistance.

    Access to a variety of free online financial tools including financial calculators, a library of articles, and many do-it-yourself tools to help you reach your financial goals. This services also includes identity theft support.

    Be Healthy is the Texas Health Resources wellness program. It is designed to help you be aware of your health and reward you for taking steps to live a healthy lifestyle. Learn about the Be Healthy tools available to support you in your journey towards optimal health, learn what each program consists of, and find out how to participate or enroll in each one.  Get the details about all the helpful and fun programs available to you by clicking here or visiting​.