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Texas Health Resources – EAP – Frequently Asked Questions


    The Texas Health Resources Employee Assistance Program, otherwise known as THR EAP, is a free and confidential support program. Life can be complicated but getting help is easy, and THR EAP is here to help you manage life’s challenges. 

    Each counselor is a licensed mental health clinician with a masters’ or doctoral-level education.

    THR EAP services are available to all full-time, part-time and PRN employees and their eligible household dependents. EAP services also extend to those permanently residing in an eligible employee’s residence. 

    Any person who is permanently residing in the covered employee’s household and individuals who qualify as the employee’s dependents are eligible for THR EAP services. In most situations, parental consent must be obtained before EAP services are rendered to anyone under the age of 18.

    THR EAP services may be accessed up to twelve weeks after termination, resignation, or retirement.

    All EAP services are free and confidential. Participants are eligible for up to eight free telephonic, web-video, or face-to-face counseling sessions per issue, per calendar year. However, there may be fees associated with referrals to community providers or programs. THR EAP counselors will attempt to provide referrals to in-network providers to reduce the costs associated with copays and deductibles

    THR EAP counselors are not physicians so medications cannot be prescribed. However, after meeting with an EAP counselor, if it is determined that medication may be helpful, the THR EAP counselor can facilitate a referral to a qualified provider for a medication assessment.

    1. Phone: 1-877-MyTHRLink (1-877-698-4754), select prompt 4, then select 4 again. You may call anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 day a year.  
    2. Online: You can submit a request to be contacted by clicking on the Contact Us icon on the EAP homepage

    No, EAP services are private and confidential in accordance with state and federal laws and professional ethics. Information pertaining to an EAP session can only be released with a participant’s written consent and/or in circumstances where there is a clear and imminent danger of self-harm, harm to others or the institution, or as may be required by law. Participants must sign a consent form before any EAP counseling services are rendered. The consent form describes the confidentiality policy and the limits to confidentiality, as prescribed by law. 

    Yes, THR EAP records are confidential and cannot be accessed by a manager or supervisor. THR EAP maintains records in a professional and confidential manner and those records are not part of the hospital medical record. THR EAP files cannot be accessed or released without your written permission or as required by law.

    THR EAP counselors can help you better integrate your work life with your personal life. Call THR EAP for childcare and eldercare resources, financial or legal consultation and personalized concierge services.

    After finding out what kind of help you need caring for the child/children and elders in your life, THR EAP will give you the names and numbers of at least five local providers with confirmed openings and/or community resources, all within one to two business days. 

    Financial services begin by talking with a financial consultant, who in many cases, can provide issue resolution assistance on the spot. If, after speaking with a financial consultant there is a need for additional support, the financial consultant will offer participants an appointment with a qualified financial counselor for a detailed telephonic consultation regarding the most pressing financial issues. This services also includes access to a variety of free online financial tools including financial calculators, a library of articles, and many do-it-yourself tools.

    The majority of participants needing legal assistance do not want or need to retain a lawyer. Questions and concerns may easily be resolved through a free telephonic advice service. In these situations, participants will be transferred to a qualified attorney for a consultation. If there is an immediate need for in-person legal consultation, a referral is provided to a lawyer with appropriate expertise. These local lawyers provide a free half-hour consultation, and, in most instances, agree to discount their hourly fees by 25% if additional assistance is required. This service also includes access to free, downloadable forms, such as creating a will at no cost, and a variety of legal articles.

    THR EAP offers a telephonic consultation with a fraud specialist who will help determine if you are a victim of identity theft and recommend options on how to place fraud alerts, freeze credit, file police reports, and contact other resources as necessary to resolve fraud concerns.

    Yes, the personalized concierge services will assist in tracking down businesses and consultants to help plan an event, vacation, or locate local contractors to help manage home repairs. However, THR EAP does not cover the cost, nor guarantee delivery of the vendors’ services.

    THR EAP has a webportal called My Life Expert that gives you access to thousands of up-to-date articles, videos, calculators, interactive checklists, resoures and webinars focused on a healthy lifestyle. Check it out by clicking My Life Expert in the top right corner of the EAP website.

    ​THR EAP provides professional support and resources aimed at enhancing self-care, developing emotional and physical well-being, and building resiliency. Services include: 

    • Short-term solution focused counseling
    • Crisis support
    • Personalized concierge services
    • Childcare and eldercare resources
    • Legal and financial consultation 
    • Interactive educational resource portal (My Life Expert)

    ​Self-care isn’t selfish, and a big part of self-care is getting the right help when facing life’s challenges. THR EAP provides support for a variety of issues including: 

    • Stress/anxiety
    • Life transitions
    • Work/life balance
    • Challenges or conflict at work
    • Unhealthy use of alcohol
    • Drug/substance use
    • Grief and loss
  • Feeling low/sad
  • Relationship issues
  • Legal/financial services
  • Childcare/elder care services
  • Health and well-being
  • Anger management
  • Crisis support

    ​An urgent or crisis situation will be handled immediately via a phone/web-video consultation by a THR EAP counselor. Routine, face-to-face appointments should be scheduled in advance. Depending on availability, some same day appointments may be accommodated. THR EAP offers participants the convenience of multiple service locations across the Metroplex, as well as virtual appointment options.